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ABIOMMED – “SUPPORT COHERENT AND COORDINATED ASSESSMENT OF BIODIVERSITY AND MEASURES ACROSS MEDITERRANEAN FOR THE NEXT 6-YEAR CYCLE OF MSFD IMPLEMENTATION” is an EU research project funded under DG EN9/M6FD 2020 CALL with main purpose to support the competent authorities of the Mediterranean region, as well as the UNEP/MAP for a (sub)regional cooperation for the preparation of the next 6-year cycle of MSFD implementation through the marine strategies, by supporting: 


  • the (sub)regional assessment of the extent to which GES has been achieved, focusing on implementation of the 2017 GES Decision;
  • the quantification (notably ex-post) of the effect of the PoMs, including linking monitoring programmes with measures;
  • he establishment of new (sub)regionally coordinated measures, where needed.


The project has undertaken a number of actions to involve and promote dialogue, cooperation and active engagement of stakeholders with the key aim to ensure results have practical outcomes, which clearly assist CAs to the implementation of the next phase of MSFD through the establishment of stakeholders’ bodies and setting working groups & meetings.


In synthesis, the overall objectives of this project have been identified with the specific aim to provide the necessary support to the update of GES, analyse pressures, economic and social and setting targets and provide a useful platform for the necessary Regional and Subregional cooperation for the preparation of the next 6-year cycle of MSFD implementation. 

Coordinator: Dr. Kalliopi Pagou (HCMR)

Instrument: DG Environment

Grand Agreement number: 11.0661/2020/839620/SUB/ENV.C2

Start date: 1st July 2021

Duration: 24 months