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Activity 5: Socio-economic analysis of measures

The objective of this activity is to support MSFD implementation by providing socioeconomic insights (including on human wellbeing) of the use and management of the marine waters of the Mediterranean, in consistency with activities under the UNEP/MAP-Barcelona Convention framework and IMAP implementation. More precisely, it will support the quantification (notably ex-post) of the effect of PoMs towards GES via analysis of effectiveness, costs, benefits (including on human wellbeing) and/or other multi-criteria analysis of measures and programmes, as relevant. 

The activity also aims at linking monitoring programmes with measures by analysing the current monitoring systems capacity to provide indications about the effects, costs and benefits of measures in reducing levels of pressure and improving the state of the Mediterranean towards GES. Focus will be on regional measures/programmes implemented under the UNEP/MAP-Barcelona Convention system. Mediterranean-wide cooperation will be ensured via stakeholder consultation and/or meetings. 

The specific objectives of Activity 5 are: 

O5.1: Information gathering and assessment: Examine status of ex-post socioeconomic (effectiveness, cost-benefit including human wellbeing, multi-criteria) assessment of measures in the Mediterranean, overview and case studies (if relevant). Assess the capacity of current monitoring systems to provide indications about the effectiveness, costs and benefits of measures. This task will cover the whole Mediterranean and will focus whenever possible on regional programmes or measures adopted under the UNEP/MAP-Barcelona Convention system;

O5.2: Guidance and recommendations: Provide support and guidance to Mediterranean countries to conduct ex-post socioeconomic assessment of measures, at national and regional level, and to improve the capacity of existing monitoring systems to provide indications about the effectiveness, costs and benefits of measures. This task is relevant for all Mediterranean countries;

O5.3: Further study: Conduct ex-post socioeconomic assessment of regional measures relevant for biodiversity descriptors and implemented under UNEP/MAP (Regional Action Plan for Cetaceans, Turtles, or Marine vegetation, to be defined in terms of data availability and priorities of the project’s advisor\ board and activity leaders);

O5.4: Stakeholder dialogue: Discuss and enrich preliminary results from the three tasks above and information gathering with practitioners and relevant fora.


Task 5.1: Information gathering and assessment.

Task 5.2: Guidance and best practice.

Task 5.3: Conducting socioeconomic analysis.

Task 5.4: Stakeholder consultation.


D5.1: Report and presentation on ex-post socioeconomic assessment of measures conducted in the Mediterranean countries (referring to task 5.1). 

D5.2: Guidance report and presentation on the methodology to streamline and conduct further ex-post socioeconomic analysis of measures in the Mediterranean countries, illustrated by best practice cases of ex-post socioeconomic analysis of measures.

D5.3: Report on the ex-post socioeconomic analysis of a regional biodiversity-related measure implemented under UNEP/MAP.

D5.4.1: Meeting report of the initial workshop.

D5.4.2: Meeting report of the intermediary workshop. 

D5.4.3: Meeting report of the presentation and discussion session with WG POM ESA. 

D5.4.4: ± Meeting report of the final workshop.


Leader: Lina Tode e-mail: ltode@planbleu.org